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StarCraft Demo (2003)

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Author Comments

Something I made in 2003 when I was playing around with flash.
(Which explains the ancient meme in it)

Movie info:
Only used buttons with gotoFrame commands.
(Didn't know how to code anything else back then.)
Star Craft logo was made in MSPaint.

Only change I made from then was adding a preloader that will start the movie automatically.

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Aight, lets start the campaign, My name is N00b, perfect.
Okay terran campaign was pretty long lets start the zerg one!
okay i've had enough lets go edit camp- Not avaliable in demo version
Fine lets play Multi- Not avalible in demo version.
Jesus, okay! i'll just exi- Lol isn't it obvius that exit isn't working in the demo version, i mean in which game does exit work in demo? You dumbass! (i meant im a dumbass btw)

MFouche responds:

Thanks for omega testing the demo.

Know that all your concerns were addressed in the full free version of the game. (Except for the Terran campaign being long. Our female focus group preferred it longer.)

lets just say bad

MFouche responds:

lets just respond

Is this supposed to be like a Windows parody?

Because if it is, it's not that great a one. I'll admit that this is (probably) only a demo, but when's the full version coming out?

MFouche responds:

It is a parody of a demo for a game that has been around for more than 10 years.

You can get the full version of the game from amazon today!

It's a demo.

Considering the features showed in the demo, it shows me one thing: The game's functionality, quality and smoothness will be at rendez-vous.
Thus, I give you a 9, as this game is:
fully functional
A demo, or WIP to show the things to be expected in demo
Has a descent art quality.

MFouche responds:

Wow, you just got the high score!

Thx for the review.


i think its a good game just need sound

MFouche responds:

If you liked this, you should go play the full version.
(The full version have sound.)

Thx for the review.