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Astro Warrior - Asteroid

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An avoider game done following this tutorial(http://frozenhad dock.co.uk/?p=41).
Graphics ripped from Sega Master System's Astro Warrior (http://www.iplay.com.br/
?Astro_Warrior+33&Grupo=4 1).
My first game published and will be added sounds and other nice stuff.

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i gave it a 10 because
i dont feel this game should get an over all of 0.5
this is a basic game not a badgame just a basic game

Lord-Shaitan responds:

i'm adding more features to the game, this one is just to check the code.
when the new version is on i'll give you a heads up.

50's game

I'll be sure to invite my grandfather to play this game, thanks ! LOL

you should improve the graphics and the functionality, it isn't fun to play at all this way

Not Satisfying =/

Graphics 1/10

Since you ripped it, I can assume that small effort was put into this work, or it lacks creativity. The graphics are retro which is nice but it was all dull and static.

Sound and SFX 0/10

Buddy, the golden rule for any flash game or animation to get some good reception is sound effects or at least a music, this lacks it so yeah, you should try browsing the Audio Portal, they got very good techno music for this (^_-)

Concept and Originality 3/10

IMO, this concept of avoiding Asteroid is pretty old and boring unless epic effort and effects was put, the concept itself is clearly known widely so you get zero for Originality with no modification.

Organization and Presentation 5/10

The presentation is sort of neat, but it still lack effort, you should put more into it, maybe spend some time drawing a proper layouts, at least make an attractive menu eh?

Generally, good job on doing this and learning something new, also applying it, but if you want some hardasscore score you should do more for the viewers.
And to be honest, me as a gamer, I didn't enjoy playing this, good luck next time


Lord-Shaitan responds:

Thanks for the tips!
I'm starting this game again from the scratch, doing the graphics on my own and adding sound effects and more stuff.
This on was to just test the code, so i didn't put much time on other stuff.
When the new game is done, i'll give yoou a heads up!

Not even functional

The game isn't even playable.

The play button doesn't work, the asteroids don't effect you, and you can't even shoot. You need to go back and edit your code, sir.

Lord-Shaitan responds:

code fixed.

Bugs much?

1st bug, The Play button doesn't work. 2ns bug, Even if you hit the asteroids, you still survive. That is why I gave 0

Lord-Shaitan responds:

bug fixed.