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This is a pretty simple game i made for a College project. I handed this version in as the final one for college, thus i dub it the "College Version".

It's sort of still slightly glitchy and the levels are easy as feck. I guess the boss fights are what i'm most proud of. Here's the story:

"You are Fred, a colourless being born into a world full of colour. Recently, The evil Dr.White, the only other colourless being, has started capturing the coloured beings (Fred's friends) and turning them into evil versions of themselves by draining their colour and then infecting them with a new tainted colour he made himself. Along with his bodyguards, the Things, he hopes to capture Fred and bring about an ancient prophecy. Only Fred, by defeating the evil versions of his friends, and eventually Dr. White, can save his world."

Use the arrow keys to run, and jump.

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good for what it was, but you need more levels and i think the bosses should be able to move to make it a little harder

Not Gonna Lie, Not very Good

Well it appears no personal scripting was done here as it follows the generic Platform Tutorial engine, if it was custom made you would know enough about scripting to keep those 'orbs' from being tweens. I read through the story and understood the premise but no real thought was put into it it's your regular good/evil plotline, but I understand story isn't the biggest part. Gameplay is. Which unfortunately for you it's pretty weak. The gameplay is just like any other platformer, lacking the twist that makes it unique. The animations were poor and rushed such as the characters running (what the hell was that lol) and the orbs shooting towards you. The music was annoying as hell and lastly the graphics. Nothing special, actually quite un-special (if that's a word) due to the lack of custom colours, you used default black and red and those shitty gradiants that come pre-prepared in Flash MX - Flash CS4. I'm not trying to say it's all terrible but I'm pointing out the bad. The good is the fact that you've expirimented and gotten that much better at flash. Everyone has to start somewhere, so with you making this you'll get enough expirience with flash to make better movies. I've come a long way in three years making from what your quallity platformers to full fledged shooter engines. (You won't find much on my page but...) Keep with the flash and last out through the douchbaggery reviews like mine here, and one day you'll be writing your own script wether you belive you will or not. I sure as shit didn't.

Zeck2709 responds:

Thanks a lot for the words of wisdom, i do know that most of the game is pretty shitty, and am currently working on everything in it to actually finish it and make it... well, better than it is.


oh i know it's only Demo and it's cool but why you didin't maked full game now instead of Demo only?


It´s a nice game, its addicting and all but its to short... you should make one with all the rainbow colors....

Needs better graphics and a PROGRAMMER!

Needs better graphics. If you did it in college, then I wonder how you did Flash in school.
Some parts were buggy and the exits were not colored properly.

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Jul 4, 2010
11:36 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other