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Jetpack Paladin

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Update: Checkpoint added to level one where you pick up the jetpack. I suspect this is the most annoying (and most common) place of death, and I suppose it's fair to give you chance to get used to the tool.

Update: Just to clarify (since I've had a bug report about this) FUEL UPGRADES only last until the END OF THE LEVEL. All levels are seperate entities and can be completed without items from other levels.


Jetpack Paladin is a retro action-adventure-platform game set in a medieval fantasy world that is about to be turned upside down. Fend off Zombies, Elves, Knights, Dragons and much much more as you journey through the fallen island kingdom of Farah - and beyond - and discover the true source of the invasion. Pixel graphics, authentic sound effects and a purpose built original soundtrack guarantee to whip up some nostalgia. Bonus levels can be unlocked with collectables scattered throughout the game.

28 story levels spread over 5 unique zones.
9 bonus levels for extra challenge.
Five unique old-school bosses.
25 unique enemies - no plain recolours.
Original Soundtrack by Calamaistr.




For cheats or to see more of my work go to http://2ndself.sheezyart.

Fog and music can be disabled in the options menu.
Data is saved automatically after every level so games can be continued from the level select menu by selecting 'play' on the main menu.
If the game lags try turning off fog in the options menu.
A trophy on the level select menu means you have found all of the nails in that zone.



Jump - Up
Walk - Left/Right
Stab - S
Thrust (when acquired) - A
Fly (when thrusting) - Up/Down/Left/Right
Fireball (when acquired) - Down + S

Hurry dialogue - S
Next dialogue - S

Pause - Enter
Quit (when paused or in dialogue) - Esc

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loved the game

I would say the dying and restarting thing can get annoying but it's not like the levels are too long so it's not that bad, love the game though, very challenging and fun and hope to see more or games like it, that is the graphics, the gameplay as well, but just saying it doesn't have to be jetpack something, but would still like to see another of those too, great job, I think the love it or hate it reviewers still noticed all the effort and time you put into it, including me. as for compaints, you've even given where to find the cheats so dunno what that's about

okay ill start with

ok to start i love the NES loading screen and start button also im a sucker for anything involving jetpacks and lastly he should be able to walk faster or run


Why the need to repeat all over again after dying? It is really, really annoying. The concept is quite good but nobody (or atleast me!) would not be able to grasp the whole story if you would make the game this hard.

And NO, I don't spell F-U-N with H-A-R-D-C-O-R-E.

2ndself responds:

It's not that hard.
Seriously you guys must be really pampered...


Overall this game is not bad and I did enjoy using the jetpack and it looks like you've put a lot of effort into making plenty of levels.

It became frustrating dying for the tenth time on the same level and having to go back to the start of the level because I just jetpacked into some spikes. I'm disappointed that I didn't get to experience past the first 4 levels. The stab felt a little pointless, it was annoying and not fun to use. I also found the level music didn't suit the game at all.


Awesome concept with well-done level design and excellent overal feel. What scares people away is imo how hardcore this game is - heck probably the hardest game I played in some time. But the difficulty also makes the game very challenging!
It takes a while for controls/movement parameters to get in one's bloodstream (mainly how the jetpack works and the "I can't stab while in air") but the game is very enjoyable once they do :)
Also the music was sexy.

Yeah, definitely a frontpage material!
(Oh and of course he can't swim spoons! Try it in heavy armor sometimes!)