3-D Art Tutorial

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A Simple Guide to drawing 3D Objects.
Enjoy! :D


You provide some examples, but this is not really a guide. Practice makes perfect.

You need practice

You aren't developed enough as an animator to submit tutorial videos. MAke sureyou've mastered the techniques youself before you attempt to teach people your own bad habits.

Practice more then, consider submitting one that actually teaches the steps to making an image three-dimensional. Animator1mike had a good point. Try actually teaching perception basedon horizon lines. "Add lines, Add more lines," will not show somebody how to do something.

Next time use straight lines, don't draw them with a brush, and like I said; practice 3d more before you make another tutorial. the, "O" in your, "GO" button was totally wrong and out of perspective. You're lines are going the wrong directions. And I had no idea that was a 4.

Try to improve then submit something stronger next time. Highlight what you do well. At least your buttons work.

2/10 1/5

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Not good

Bad work. It's extremely sloppy. This isn't how you teach people how to draw 3D. You have to start with teaching depth perception, and draw three dimensional objects with all corners (see-through) until you get it right. It really helped me learn faster, doing that. After that you learn light and shading. It's best to do this on paper. This tutorial is a mess.

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This is not really a guide.

It is just a few examples of 3D figures, not a guide.

"Add lines" is not a helpful step, especially when almost every step is "add lines".

Additionally, this should not be labelled as a game.

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Jul 4, 2010
6:58 AM EDT