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Help Pete find his way through his mysterious and subconscious world!

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CONTROLS: Use Arrow keys to move and mouse click to talk!

COMMENTS: Wow! After a year of work, I have finally released this thing. It's been exciting to make, and I hope you guys enjoy it :)



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I first played this almost 10 years ago. I came back to it tonight just before the Death of Flash to recapture some of the nostalgia of playing flash games on my parents iMac in our living room while I was in high school. I look forward to exploring the other things the creator has made since now :)

Can't get past a sign.

The artwork on here is gorgeous and holds up great 10 years later. My only critique is that it is too artsy for its own good. Because this looks like a painting rather than a video game, is very difficult to tell where platforms start and end. The background and foreground blend in seamlessly, leaving it very disorienting to play.

Feels good to come back to this after all this time and actually get some idea of what's going on.

Beautiful game, beautiful music, beautiful story.

Pretty good, I had no idea what I was doing in the last couple minutes of the game though.