NGBBS MidYear Awards 2010

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Hello and welcome to the NGBBS Mid-Year Awards flash.

First off, these are a couple of awards that were left off of the flash due to there not being any space.

= = == = = = = = = = = =

Worst Waste of a 30k post: Gagsy

This one's way too easy. Gagsy clearly had the worst waste of a 30k post according to 77.9% of you. I mean come the fuck on, she didn't even try. At least a good thread would have been nice.


Best Thread: Your Sex Life In 3 Pokemon Moves

Your Sex Life In 3 Pokemon Moves wins best thread of the middle of 2010 with 35.8% of the votes. A lot of you really seem to love this thread--maybe that's an indication that you all need to get laid or something. With only a few exceptions, all of your sex lives here can be summed up in the following Pokemon moves: Harden, Growl and Splash. The 2nd place winner for this category is the "Viva la revolution!" thread with 25.9% of the votes.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

A thing to note:

NG Radio Mini:

The NG Radio Mini was a new thing coded by Archon68, and I know that there are some bugs with it that just can't be fixed (at least yet). Just click randomize if a song does not play because it may have a faulty ID that doesn't exist yet. You must also click randomize if a song doesn't automatically skip once it's done playing.

= = = = = = =

* Also, all of the information is put in by me, none of it is automatically taken from their userpages. After a certain amount of time I will stop checking this flash for updates in their stats. The most I'll update is probably the levels or posts.

* Also there's a reason I submitted this on my alt. Things happened and I'm unable to submit on my main. Not even Wade could help me, but he said it was cool for me to submit this.

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So this was how the rankings were back in 2010! I don't recognize half of the names from this year, looks like it might've been that one year I wasn't much here... good award list though, and that game! XD Bit sloppy hit area, but entertaining for a bit, at least. If only it had medal(s) hmm...


RIP Sanjay i never knew it :\

I wasn't expecting this to be a game. Oh, and I just tied with XwaynecoltX for most game reviews of anyone in the world, neat. It would be silly of me to think I would be there. I'd probably get some negative award anyway. Most of the stuff I submit here is awful. This was itself very nice to look at.

I was able to recognize a lot of these people like Luis and Gagsy. I'm surprised I don't recognize more. I'm more known for reviews anyway. While not that detailed, what really matters is giving these people the appreciation they deserve. I'm surprised this does not have more views.

i disapear in the game

Hey, how come Proxicide is isn't in one of these?

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4.75 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2010
6:43 PM EDT
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