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A couple years ago, I thought: a dating sim in old Tibet would probably be the weirdest game ever. Today, I'm proud to present: Reting Rimpoche's Dating Sim! I hope that you will enjoy this game as much as I enjoyed making it. Feel free to leave comments.

edit: Due to popular demand, the game now includes an "easy" mode, as well as in-game help (and I fixed a couple bugs along the way). Enjoy!

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This game is a refreshing take on the dating simulator. It can be a little tricky to get a hang of, but once you know the ropes it's fun to try an accomplish everything as fast as possible. The debating system is an interesting concept, although it can a little tedious at first. The stats system works well and i especially like the motivation stat, though it seems odd that it isn't used for more actions. It has a pretty standard flirting system; Say the right thing to progress the relationship and remember the correct answers for dates. The flirt concept works well.
The story is fairly well written and the dialogue interesting, the ending was really sad and made me worry, so i should say job well done.

interesting game and considering that Tibet became a failed state the ending is no surprise.

When has a theocracy ever been a healthy government but then any student of social science and or politics would tell you that

What a sad ending...

Awesome storyline. I love the setting in Tibet, it's actually refreshing to have such a contrasting environment from the usual dating sims. I also like the historical facts, the different steps you have to take to reach Iori's heart and also I loved the characters. They were very cute. ^^ Were the backgrounds actual photos from Tibet?

The only problem I have with your game is the debate system. It's a unique concept, but it's a bit too reliant on luck. I don't mind luck being a notable factor in a minigame-- problem is, the way your debate system works, every time your opponent wins, you lose health (it's not really health but I'll just call it that >_<) and your opponent gains health, and if you win you gain health and your opponent loses health, it progresses too slowly and the debate could go on practically forever.

If you plan to use the debate system in other games, I feel like you should give each debater a 'health' bar and if one debater wins the round, his opponent loses health but he does not gain health. Thus, the rounds become more limited and we can progress much faster, instead of having to stick with the tediousness of the current system. It's true the player do have some influence over how quickly he wins in the current system, but in the Normal difficulty it got very annoying due to the limited time does not allow you to hone your debating skills too much. This debate system is actually the main factor that made me hesitate to replay the game, so next time if you use something similar, maybe think about 'revolutionizing' it haha :D

Anyhow, that's all I really want to talk about now. I hope I can see more of your games in the future because Reting Rimpoche dating sim is very good ^_^

RanEntertainments responds:

Thanks for the useful comment - the idea of a debat "life gauge" that decreases instead of switching from one to the other is actually very good. I'll keep it in mind !

I'm glad you liked the storyline and settings which are the very heart of this game - and yes, the pictures are actual photographies of Tibet, some from today and others from the 30's, like Trapchi training grounds, Lhasa downtown and the British mission - in what case I colored them manually. This is how much I love my gamers :)

Although mildly confusing at times and with an ending that leaves MUCH to be desired, I commend you.

1933 Tibet is about the most unique setting I've ever seen in a game, let alone a dating sim! Not only that, but a focus on debating, rather than combat is absolute genius! AND an innovative approach to skills... There's just so much here that I have to applaud. Excelent work, in need of only slight polishing!

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4.36 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2010
3:56 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating