Ball Revamped Duo 2 [30]

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Background musics are great! Please upload these music and I want to make my OWN Geometry level! PLZ!

These people are right. Good quality. Mostly horrible controls.

1. Your Flash might be freakin' broken.

2. I know I've played this for like 3 times are less. But really, I played this game again, and messed up. These people are always right. What a person says, goes. This is a**-kissing.

Post a reply to this and do not post a stupid nonsense. I read the reply, I see it, if it was stupid,...


Pretty Good

Haha way to use the general elephant rave theme for the last 10 levels. I know this was intended to be harder than the original ball revamped, but I still think its actually easier than the very first one since some levels are nearly impossible inless the right power ups appear in the right spot in that game. The controls in this game are still similar to the rest of the ball revamped games aside from the first, which had the hardest and most different controls. The difference in this game is that they are more sensitive, like in part 1 of duo. It seemed impossible to make the ball go straight up when I wanted it to and that made one of the levels near the end very hard since you had to go straight up to the exit. If you intended this game to be the way it is, it probably has less bugs than duo part 1 so that's an improvement.

Way to reply to everyone's review you think is negative. Are you are fed up with those kinds of reviews? I still don't see authors doing that very much though. At least they are giving you some "constructive criticism". Remember, not everyone is pro at flash games but I know you wanted this to be harder than the other ball revamped games. Even so, simply telling noobs to try harder is not going to help them out. Patience may help, but it may increase frustration and make people hate the game even more. You don't have to reply negatively to those kinds of reviews. Most people wouldn't reply to them.

Though I'm not the guy to complain about these kind of things. I beat part 1 duo on a computer than was getting on average 60 frames per second and it took a long time so I know how bad it can get.

Why should you have to worry about credit stealing? I mean besides the fact that you got permission, this game wasn't used to make money, and Jmtb02 hasn't made another ball revamped game in some time. I don't even know how often he is online anymore and how much he would care, so why should it be illegal to make a game with a similar idea if you want to make one for people who want to play more of it for free? Playing the same ones over and over could get boring, even for people who really like ball revamped games. Besides, if you already got permission for the first duo game, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to make more without asking. I mean think of how many tower defense games there are and you don't see people going around complaining about credit stealing in those games do you? For the people who complain about credit stealing, it's their problem and you shouldn't have to put much about credit in the description of the game and constantly update the description. Those people are probably a main concern about all this right? Maybe you put it in the description to avoid this kind of thing, but apparently some people are still saying stuff about it. The people who complain about these things don't seem to look at the description very well and either forget about it or don't see it. So putting it in the description doesn't really help much and will just make you more annoyed when you see another review addressing this topic. Maybe you could just delete their reviews lol.

Anyways, I also liked the last level that had the coding background. That was interesting, but too bad the level wasn't that hard and there was no boss at the end. But I liked how in one level you had to choose the right blue star warp and you made the correct one glow. If you plan on making any future ball revamped games, consider using that idea again. I noticed you didn't have frames per second in the background in this game but I realize that maybe you didn't want to spend all that much time on it. Right now I'm on a computer that can't fit the whole game on my screen so I had to scroll up and down sometimes, but I was still able to finish it and alot of games have this problem on this computer.

Overall, I think this game is pretty good and if you're a person who has played previous ball revamp games and wants a challenge that won't take too much time, then this game is for you.


i like it you let me play the demo file and i thought it ws good but this is better it think :) keep up the good flash


1. There is no credit to jmtb2, the original author of the Ball Revamped series and creator of many (well, most of) the images used in your game.

2. This game does not do the original game and series justice, as the levels aren't very creative, the controls seem worse, and the powerups are essentially trash. I stopped playing near the beginning of the fire levels because it was obscenely frustrating to burn the wood, or have to start over when trying to continue when the wood is nearly transparent but not yet declassified as an object.

So, in conclusion, when you make a tribute-ish game make sure to give credits so it doesn't appear stolen, use a little more testing before releasing so you don't annoy potential players out of their mind with very simple to fix mechanical issues, and try to bring something new to the table.

AsianSpark responds:

1. There is credit to jmtb02. I've even sended him a mail to ask permission. And he AGREED. Seems like you didn't look hard enough.

2. You should try patience. What if jmtb02 released these levels? Same comments?

So, in conclusion, you were just commenting without a BRAIN. Everything is tested. And it's playable. 1000%. You're just not trying hard enough.

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3.03 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2010
9:04 AM EDT
Puzzles - Falling