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Ping Revenge of the Pixel

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A small note; the game goes very slowly in the first few levels, but up past lvl 8-9 it begins to get fast.

Anyways, spent a long while on this game. Mostly debugging it. The end where the restart button is I still can't figure out, for some reason it restarts if you -don't- click the button. never had that happen so no idea how to stop it, but its not preventing the game from being played so i eventually left it alone. Other than that, very occasionally two enemies may end up spawning at exactly the same spot, giving the illusion of a single enemy that costs you 2 lives, but there are actually 2 there.

Thanks be to 8bitrocket.com who provided the music loop free so long as i give them credit.

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Interesting Plot

But it looks like you copied a tutorial on how to make a shooter game and you replaced icons with your own images. And after about level 5 (they don't stop and inform you) It just gets repetitive. I isn't like you get stronger or you get new weapons you just fire missiles at blocks of white endlessly.

Galdon responds:

Oddly enough I didn't. I imagine if I had i wouldn't have had to spend nearly as much time debugging the thing, but as far as side scrolling shooters go, when you break it down to the most basic graphics, they all look the same.

You got me there...

I can't say this game needs improved graphics because it's pong! "The first video game"

I'm giving this a 7 because of it's good game play. Being able to reflect enemies and shoot at them is what make this game boldly stand out from the rest. And the idea of giving pong a story well... who could have seen that coming?

With a skilled artist some cut scenes to show you've reached the next level and an ending I can imagine there being a sequel.

Galdon responds:

I'll keep those tips in mind, I always want to improve :)

This made me laugh!

At first I thought this was just pong... but then when the 'storyline' kicked in, it made me laugh!

The game was fun, but got repetitive soon. Maybe you should have faster enemies? Bosses? Enenimies that can't be bounced/shot? Powerups?

The tune was good. Did not get bored of it.


Somewhat Original

Your game was pretty good overall. You took something that has been done to death by many beginner programmers and changed it a bit. At first I thought that it was another pong game, and a bad one at that. It changed to the real game fast enough that I didn't get bored and quit.

The audio does what it should, it could be a lot better, but for the level of the game, it does its job. I'm kinda happy that there wasn't some annoying explosion noise, or shooting sound in the game since it would have gotten annoying quite fast if they weren't "just right."

The graphics aren't great. Obviously it sticks with the pong theme which means that it's intentionally a bunch of boxes rather than more detailed enemies. The explosions weren't too big, they weren't amazing graphically but they did their job.

Gameplay is quite primitive, but I like that you can still use your paddle to deflect enemies. The laser is good as it is since you can only fire two at a time, but they will go through everything. If there was an unlimited amount, the game would be to easy, but on the other hand if it was unlimited but only destroyed one block the game might be balanced, but much more click intensive.

Replay value really isn't there since once you've played for about five minutes, you've done everything the game has to offer.

I think you did a pretty good job, you kept the feeling of pong, while taking it and doing something different


Not so good.. Mildly entertaining, but lacking in.. appeal. Not a fan of the audio either.. But overall it's not the WORST flash game I've played.