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Ultimate Tower Defence.

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this is a revamped version of my game that was put on here a while ago so it is much better, this doesnt mean it's perfect. So please comment on any ideas to improve it.

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first of all

don't just use the engine that somebody else made and add or change nothing. You could have aleast changed what the turrets looked like.

The maps were ugly

the gameplay was boring

not very original



well done, no glitches that i could see.
now for the negative........how many tower defense games are there now? a billion?
the sound effects were annoying and the lack of a mute button on the game (although i turned my speakers off) was a negative

good job


it was good but it could be longer and have more towers. also it would be nice to have a high score board.

that was pretty good.

some things though.
1)make more tower types, it was good that you had towers that had different effects, but stuff like the fire tower's damage was so low that it was pretty much pointless.
2)after the end when you beat the game, if you place a tower, you can keep on pressing upgrade and your score will keep on going up
3)speaking of score, there should be a high score board, otherwise the whole score thing is pointless. i know mochi will provide the services to make one that goes worldwide.

in short, it was better than a lot of td games out there, but still could be better.

i know how you can make it better

make a mute botton >.<