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Jungle Plunge

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Use your skill and mastery of gravity to put Flubbles in a spin! Guide his bubble down from the treetops to the jungle floor through various obstacles, and collect cherries, apples bananas and grapes along the way. There are six levels of physics fun!

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just toooooo slow

too simple and too slow...got bored after 2 minutes

Great Work

all in all a good game. the physics seem a little slow and heavy, but I suppose that's just part of the challenge. graphically interesting and well presented.

Take the plunge!

Wow, I must say this game really surprised me. I take one look at the menu screen and go,
"Ughh... another generic jungle-setting game."
Then I take hold of the controls and go,
"Bleggghhhhhhhh... another 'move left and right to keep up with the screen' game."
But then as I continued to play, I found that it was really quite fun.

The various hazards and obstacles are all very fun to work with, and the level design is great. The physics are good enough as well. Having the spikes at the top and bottom are a great design choice to keep the difficulty balanced. Most of all: only six levels. That's a very good number. Lots of developers think they're making a game better when they give it ten times more levels than it needs to. Six is just the right amount here.

I still have some problems with the game though. Like I said, the jungle setting has been done to death, and it wasn't pulled off very well either. And the song it comes with is pretty bad (thanks for the mute button.) So yeah, presentation is pretty lousy, and the gameplay is also rather slow (but I think it would be too hard if it were sped up,) but overall this is a good game.


i got high score :)