Truck Racer

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Author Comments

Drive your race truck as fast as possible and try to reach the first place in a 3 lap race by passing the other competitors.

Don't crash any other truck, because it won't help you, unless you are a bit in front of it and you need some more space.

Use arrow keys to control the truck.

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well its fun. the trucks drive like assholes tho.


I liked the game. It was increasingly difficult to try to pass the last four cars. Could use al little work on the physics. The only other thing is the noise and maybe some sort of plot or like tournament style races.

Fair, but Stressing.

Overall, this is a good concept, having some tricky parts. I could play this for a few minutes, and still play more. I think that it could use some adjustments.

Gameplay: It is a Car Racing game. Maps are required, you don't know what's ahead of you. (Or behind) Is is fair, and cars slow down while making turns. But there IS a flaw to winning. In order to get to first place, you must get ahead of the big truck. That truck hits you from behind, and yet you slow down, because of the massive Knock Back. Same goes to the other cars, but you could stop them. After you lose first place, 2 more cars that are STUCK TOGETHER, go at an amazing speed towards 1st and 2nd, going through the Sandy Area, not slowing down, CPUs could have some more programming. (3/5)

Audio: Eh. It's a loop of some honking and probably some cars racing, you could make it more intense noise, with some more Shibam. Maybe add some music into there. (2/5)

Don't worry, a 5 star game isn't bad, even though 65% is the normal failing grade, and this would mean you got a 50%, No worrys. it's still amazing, and some potential put into it. I hope you read this review, and some others do, so they could understand I'm not a mean person. :(

Please remake this game, I would most definitely like to play it.

-Popui0 (P.S.- You can't put a 6.5 Star anyways)

Not bad.

good job... i already seen better games, but anyway you do a good job.

Credits & Info

3.25 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2010
12:21 PM EDT
Sports - Racing