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A cute retro platform game. Can you make it through all 12 maps?
Special thanks to Ari Feldman for his awesome spritelib and to Eiswuxe, the composer.

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Rip-off? Yes...

It isn't a really bad game, though if anything it IS a tad easy. Go figure, I was just playing my SNES Mario All-Stars cart today too. Please, next time you make a game, make it a little more original, and don't take an old game and just change the graphics around, after all, a hacked Mario ROM is still a Mario ROM, yes?

I don't get it

then again I don't anything. I don't know whats going on.. but I think i like it.

Super Bear Bros.

Wow, it's like you're satirizing Super Mario Bros. except instead of it being funny it's just painful. Overall the game is okay at best. Nothing worth noting except its blatant ripping off of Super Mario Bros.

Nice game.

its not the best game ever, but i think its a great variation to super mario bros. if you make a sequel, I think you should try to put a greater variety of enemies in the levels. overall great game and try to make more games like this.

nice game

not bad not bad at all