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Type Hero

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Author Comments

Hi everyone,
Please be gentle it's my first Time.^^

Please beware of capslock and focus. If it seems that you can't write anymore click the Flash once.

I made a I think fun and challenging Typing Game and wanted to share it with you all.
Quite a lot of Work went into this, as I did everything in this game.^^

The Basic Controls:
-Use Keyboard to enter Disarm Codes
-Buy Upgrades in the Upgrade Shop
-Press "1" to unleash a Panic Bomb
-Press "2" to slow down Time

-Press "ESC" to pause

The Attacks will get stronger, be prepared!

I'm curiously waiting for your Reviews.
If you encounter a bug or have any kind of Feedback you can pm me or write it in the Reviews. I'll try to fix it ASAP.

Added a few game improvements based on the feedback you have provided
raised difficulty and a few Bugfixes

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This is absolutely the best typing game I've ever played. Amazing! 10/10

Really fun and addicting.

My only complaint is the repetitiveness, and you might want to lessen cash gained and the cash multiplier. I got everything within seven days because I abused the multiplier.
Overall, great for a first game.

Raptire responds:

Done and done!^^


I wouldn't believe someone if they told me that a typing game could be fun. :)

I like it a lot, it really made my morning. Better than coffee. :)

Keep it up!

Raptire responds:

Wow thats a compliment glad you liked it.



Raptire responds:

Never had this kind of Problem, it could be that you clicked outside of the Flash so that it lost Focus then the Keyboard Events won't be recognise by the stage. I will try to check for focus and show a warning

A few problems.

The game was amazing and addicting, but I pressed Esc... and I accidentally pressed "Return to Menu", then I clicked Normal, back to the difficulty that I was on, and as soon as I started bombs started falling, and the tip was still blocking my screen... Then after 5 minutes, I realized the round was never going to end... I played for a while longer in the never ending game, and then I pressed Esc again. Went to different difficulty, and the exact same thing happened again.

Raptire responds:

Thanks for the notice, I tried to reproduce this but I can't seem to get the Problem, I will try to add a few Checks hopefully this will resolve the Problem.
Do you Remember what you did before the bug occured?
Did you reload after the first occurence?