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Tons of upgrades and unlockables and multiple levels of difficulty! Get ready for Turbo!
Be warned! This game gets tough! Hardcore gamers, welcome to your next nemesis.

Dodge with Arrow Keys or WASD
Shoot with Mouse
Number keys to change guns

Try it with 2 Players for an easier game!
Player 1 Shoots, Player 2 Dodges

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this is an awesome game and i havent seen a bug good job^^

could not play this at all...

it is an interesting thing to look at but once i got in to the game i ran into a bug.
i could only dodge i could not do anything with the mouse. whlie i can move it, clicking my mouse does not have any effect. after i lose i get stuck in this shop menu which possesses the same problem.
if this was not the case i would give a higher rating, but i cannot endorse a shooter that does not let me shoot.

cant shoot

but enemys cant hit you if you stay in the middle, so I pretty much won

good =D

really good game ,good aim controls enemies but the levels arr too long will be good a first person shooter with this graphicst weapons aim ..


This is one great game! The visuals are awesome and remind me abit of Crackdown in some way o: But that is still awesome :D
And that you added some upgrades is great too, the only thing it lacks is that it isn't realy fast paced. the levels is abit too long is what i mean. it is fun but it is alittle too long.
and the fact that you can "pay" is still annoying... but overall it's awesome! Keep up these games :D