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Aboard your tank, you've fallen into an ambush. Fight for survival against other tanks that will try to demolish you. Collect the coins, upgrade your tank.

It's simple: shoot and kill all enemies, collect all stars, upgrade your tank for survive. Use arrows or wasd for move.

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It was cool, on my first try i was a natural at it, and on 2/18/11 i got the highest ranked score so far, it was 17,131 all it needs is lots of cool badges to get for doing things, and needs more upgrade choices, other than that it ROCKED 8^)

Not bad

I enjoyed this game, I really did. The graphics aren't great and the music is repetitive but the game itself is enjoyable. There is room for improvement, such as more terrain, more upgrades, features and so on, but that which has been delivered is fairly good. But, let's focus on how this can be made better.

First of all, the terrain is, repetitive. The entire game takes place in one little area, a clearing with some trees. By itself, this isn't a bad play area, however by being the play area of the entire game it isn't great. More areas would be nice, maybe city streets or a deserted congested freeway (or long bridge). An urban environment could be good for this game, buildings could provide cover and enemies could cover themselves in allyways. Crumbling buildings used for cover could take so much punishment before finally collapsing and revealing the unit hidding behind them to the shooter. This environment would also limit the player's mobility and force them to focus on breaking through perhaps to a certain point that allows them to move to the next level. The congested freeway is another good level idea, the player must navigate through abandoned vehicles while coming under fire from the enemy. Some abandoned cars could even hide IEDs triggered by the player getting too close and such an environment would force the player to focus on eliminating enemy contacts before they can kill them being unable to move quickly. A desert environment would also be a plus, though more for apperance and the added mobility for the player.

Second, the game could use more upgrades. Being able to increase armor and firepower are both good upgrades, but having only two upgrades limits the player to a degree. I'm not a fan of being able to turn a tank into a racecar so I won't mention a speed upgrade, but I would like to see more types of weapons included such as secondary weapons. Being able to chose the weapon upgrade would be nice, maybe a highly powerful cannon shell or the more conventional to this game auto-fire shotgun. Though, the point of upgrades in this game could be simplicity, but a little more choice would be welcome.

Third, more enemies. This game has a lot of potential but battering ram tanks and agile helicopters are not enough. A wider variety of enemy combatants would be nice, such as infantry, easy to kill but can inflict high damage with rocket launchers and can be difficult to spot in urban environments, proximity IEDs such as I mentioned above and so on. Enemies should also be tailered to the environment their in, no infantry attacking the tank in wide open places and few enemy tanks in city streets.

Fourth, an ending to be reached and a timeline of sorts. The goal of this game seems to be survival so there needs to be a way to accomplish that goal. The game should follow a dedicated timeline, such as the clearing, suburban streets, city streets, the congested freeway and then desert. This would enable to player to fight through the enemy lines to eventually reach a conclusion of some sort, perhaps making it to a friendly base or escaping the country. All games need a begining, middle and end and there needs to be a chance, no matter how slim, of the ending being positive for the character as that makes the game more interesting.

Overall a good game. As I said, there is room for improvement but this submited piece isn't half bad, it's fairly good infact, though it can be better. There is always room for improvement, but as I said, this is an overall good game.

Very Amusing

The auto shoot was more fun than I first thought. I think the only thing that could change is the on coming tanks. They don't shoot, they just run into you. Maybe you could replace them with giant radioactive spiders or something that doesn't have a gun. Other than this, great friggin' job.

This is great

It's a lot like Death vs Monstars. Very smooth controls. I think there could be more upgrades and perhaps some more specific info on what the upgrades do i.e. how much more health does an armor upgrade grant. I also think the explosions of enemy tanks could be a little bigger/more colorful. Good job!


Good, but there could be more upgrades, such as speed, etc. Otherwise, it's great!

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4.51 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2010
6:52 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional