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Kowia Rotospheres

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Click the mouse button to launch a animal disc.

If the disc hits a matching disc, you score points. For each consecutive match of the same type, you get a multiplier.

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i kinda like it

This had very fun and original gameplay, of which I've never really seen before in a game. But it's pretty simplistic. Things like, upgrades, enemies and time limits would have made this more challenging and would have kept it from getting too repetitive. The art style was okay.

So here's my review.

Overall it's a decent game, but it needs work. To start off, the game is a little TOO slow in the beginning. I understand that you want to ease into difficulty, but could we pick the pace up a bit?

Second, I don't like the fact that you can't group three discs together with a perfectly aimed shot. It just seems kind of like "I focused on that shot just a little much for it to only be 2 discs disappearing instead of 3"

Really besides that it's a pretty solid game, but could use a little touching up. Keep it up. ;D

MaxManning responds:

you can actually do the match of 3, but I have been thinking that maybe the dropshadow on the disc is not factored into the "collision" logic. So, if the dropshadow is touching, but th disc is not -- it won't count it as that 3 discs.

I'll fix that.


It was an okay game, with a somewhat-original idea.

MaxManning responds:

Thanks for checking it out. I made the game for an animal preserve, all those animals REALLY exist at the preserve. So check out the website link in the game.

bug when clicking on disc

If you click on the "rotosphere" that's currently rotating, the game ignores the click.

MaxManning responds:

I checked this, and you are absolutely right, I'll fix that! Far be it from me to pull a Steve Jobs and tell you that you are just clicking it wrong.

Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2010
12:31 AM EDT