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This is a little game I put together called Puff Collect. You play as Puff the Magic Dragon and you must collect the coins, after you collect 5 coins, return to your cave, and the timer will restart. It's not much but enjoy!

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A tiny little game.

A tiny little game you have. It's okay for like a firs time game. The graphics are MS Paint at best, the controls are sluggish (CAN PUFF MOVE FASTER????), the sound effects are completely missing, and the music is silly, but short and loops. Annoying. A mute music button would be nice. Also, more challenge, like enemies, and the ability to shoot them. This game easily has alot of potential, but it could use some work. Dont be discouraged, get out there and make a better! You can do it!!

- Aaron


i'll give you credit, you must worked hard on this : )


This game can be made a lot better though addition and improvement. This isn't something I would show NG.

Animation- The quality is poor and everything looks uninteresting.

Sound- There are no sound effects, like when you get the coins, or upon death. And the music isn't very well used to make the game any better.

Gameplay- all of the controls work fine. The goal is a bit nonsensical and unexplained. Your score system is weird, it should count total coins collected as your score.

Content: You're missing a mute button, extras menu, a pause menu, levels, a plot, cut scenes, bosses, credits, and other modes of play.

Closing statements: This is good for a beginner learning how to make games, but it isn't anything special.

hallaby responds:

thanks man...

so much posibilty

ok if you can up the graphics and make a bigger map

well if you do it right you could have the next robot unicorn attack in your hands

hallaby responds:

thanks. ;)

Not quite.

This game could be insanely better, first of all, You'd might want to improve on the graphics, since this looks like it was done with MS Paint. Maybe if you put some obstacles like birds or anything that could hurt the dragon, that if they hit you, you lose Hit Points, and the song for this game isn't right, well at least not for me. The game isn't difficult, but its very repetitive. For now, all i have to say is keep working on it! You haven't made the worst thing ever, nor have you made the best,
Oh and i gave you a 6 of 10 for your effort!.

hallaby responds:

thanks but i was trying to make the game for the song haha

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3.56 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2010
12:12 PM EDT
Skill - Collect