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its ok

it plays ok and all but you should add music maby some cool different power-ups or maby power-downs? (lol is that the right term?) and as for graphics try making them more liquid like make the bubbles pop and such but still its a decent pac-man game

Not yet finished

It hink this game has some potencial, but at this state it lacks too much to be really entertaining. For example the main character could use some more animation, I mean, what does he DO to the bubbles, so they disappear? Which may lead to the second point, they're bubbles, why not let 'em pop? Thrid thing is, I didn't really figure out how the bombs work, they went off some time after I picked em up, and didn't kill no ghost, maybe because I picked up one of those green ones earlyer, don't know. And since this game is somehow referenced (haha) to PacMan, why not make the ghosts 'edible' as well, after you collect a green bubble, instead just making them not being able to hurt you. And last but not least...theres a spelling error at scorE.

Spice it up a little bit and we have a decent game here, but not yet.