BeatStreak 3000

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This is the second game of Ninja Kiwi's very first in-house 2 week game challenge. We split the team into teams of 2 and each had to produce a game from a genre picked at random. This team, had Simon and Jonathan they got defense as their game genre.

This is the game they designed, coded, and produced in exactly 2 working weeks. I wouldn't call it strictly defense, but it is a great little original game based around the Rock, Paper, Scissors idea.

Defend against 20 waves of sonic particle attacks where rock beats scissors beats paper beats rock. BeatStreak 3000 is a fun yet challenging musical defense game that rewards good concentration and fast reactions.


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Unique unique

Very nice game. Sadly it was too short. There should be way more levels, what about some other musicgenres? :D

Not a challenge

I've played through 20 levels, made a few mistakes.
But you made the game in some places too easy: enemy paper, rock and scissors have different colors, making it recognizable by not even looking at it.
The graphics are a bit weird. I didn't believe that rock was a rock, paper paper and so on. It more looked like this: at first time paper looked like a rotating piece of DNA. Rock looked like snowball, composed of little pieces of paper, and scissors were so ugly that I couldn't even tell what that was.

Following rhythm was impossible. All songs were absolutely different from each other, and I can't tell how you assigned the 3 lines and types of enemies under voices of the songs. The game is a lot easier to play with sound turned off. Really. That way this is more of a Defense game.

May be make hotkeys? Because I tired of pressing everything with mouse at around level 11. You could use QWE,ASD,ZXC keys for corresponding lines and corresponding items. Probably worth an update for future players.

What about bosses? Some kind of special boss arena with all lines merged into on. And boss is, like, a figure composed of enemies that rotate. And you'd need to hit right enemies with right things.
You could also make different types of enemies have different speed! For example rock would go faster than everything else. Then it'd take more precision to launch the correct thing. That would ruin your idea with rhythm, though.

As far as I can see, some player got 6 times more score than me. I guess the problem lies within the Streak bar, which purpose is totally unknown to me, sorry. But those people somehow managed to figure it out.

Overall, there's too little art (mostly blue highlighted text, which is not art), and the idea is self-exclusive. You named the player's side "Shield". That means he has to defend. Rhythm is hard to follow. Then it's not rhythm, it is a defense game. But that's just me.

Warnockworld responds:

Hotkeys are already in the game, you can use qwe, asd, zxc, or numpad as short cuts.

No pause button....

....wtf bro,..you think peeps dont have a life,..good game but needs a pause.


This game should totally make the front page.

Awesome Game.

I hope it makes front page. Super awesome considering your time constraints! Great work!!

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3.87 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2010
8:23 PM EDT