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Solo Hero

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You take the role of a pilot in WWII codenamed 'Blue Dragon'. You have just returned from a successful raid and have to cross enemy territory to get back to your ship and return home. You can collect points by destroying enemy planes, tanks, boats and soldiers on your trip back to your ship. You can collect bonus points by landing your plane on the deck of your ship... which is harder than it sounds! If you overshoot or miss the ship you must eject or you will miss your ride home! With each level that goes by your minimum speed will increase, making targeting more difficult.

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Needs lives

Dang, I thought this was going to be like a Guitar Hero thing.
The music seems nice and midish, and I like the visuals, but this game could use more work

TioCLOUDbacana's comentary

i hate this game. is a trash and hasn't sense.

i was hoping for a game made entirely out of adver

no retry button and I have to see an ad every time i try.... what a waste of time.

Check your colision boxes

While yes, i do like how you are forced to increase speed every level, I dont like how if i shoot things then go to the space where they used to be, I die. Check your code for removing things from the screen.

Pretty fun, and well made.

The only gripe I have with this game is that the controls seems to be a bit unresponsive. Other than that, pretty nice job.