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SEEK Space Rescue

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For our fourth SEEK game you'll need to blast your way through 30 levels of interstellar insanity. As Space Rescue Commander, your mission is to shoot and fly through the depths of space, collecting stranded space tourists and power-ups along the way. You'll need all your skills to avoid asteroid fields, alien tentacles, pirate UFOs and the occasional black hole.

For best gameplay we recommend using the mouse controls with A&Z keys.

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whenever i try to play a level it just shows a black screen and a radar and nothing else

Deep and fun space shooter

A nice space shooter game, its nice to add some navigation as well as wanton blasting. There are a lot of levels and they get really hard really quick, those black holes are killer. I really like the style as well, vector art rules.

Really fun EXCEPT............

The controls are way to SLIPPERY!! it is really annoying and is much more challenging than i think it's supposed to be. but i like challenging things, including this game, so i will give you a solid 9/10

nice but controls need work

This was a pretty great game, everything is done nicely, music is good, animation is great and the sound effects shine, the gameplay stays fresh but my main problem is the sensitive controls,
sometimes the ship slides so much i feel like i have little control over anything and i just have to wait for it to hit something.

Also, i have wandered out of the playing field quite afew times and ended up getting lost, gladly i have a radar but you might want to cover those open spots so i don't just wander off into space.
Overall great game though


Nice, but SO hard to control!!