Flash Runners Island

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use the mouse Luke

See game Demo:

http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=4Ztm1Kjv6rw

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dat shit is epic boy!

ok for a start

brown screen of death. Not bad, not good. Just ok. Take the advice of others there is nothing more I can add.

This is actually quite fun!

This is an incredibly ambitious undertaking. An almost overwhelming amount of content and the amazing thing is that it all works. From traveling in the over world to the races themselves you have created an incredibly fun game.

The graphics, while simplistic, work well enough. I would say that one of the few major flaws of the game is the look of the race maps. The odd, piecemeal patches of color, while serviceable, just lack the detail to really deliver on the joy of blasting through exotic scenery at high speeds.

The music is fantastic. Despite the loop, the beat itself has a great pulse-pounding feel to it that really works for the game.

I am curious as to the inclusion of the three characters. As it is a racing game and speed and time are all important, I didn't understand the inclusion of two slower characters. They did not seem... necessary.

The constant prompting to submit your score after every race is annoying, especially since it require so much time to acquire a descent score.

Beyond that there are few hiccups with the controls, especially when colliding with obstacles.

But overall this is a really good creation and just the sheer amount of game to be had is very impressive. If you were to go back and polish the content you would have a truly outstanding game.

Hmm, Could be a good game, but...

I like the graphics, could be better. But I have seen worse.
Travel sequence is nice.

I wish there was some explanation of what a gamer is supposed to do. You fly around in your ship hacking big chunks of rock and ships?

You get 0 point for the rocks and negative points for the ships. So I'm guessing youre not supposed to hack the ships.

The score system isn't working properly? As I said, I get no points for anything, just negative points for hacking ships.

There is also this bug. Sometimes when the ship gets hit, it gets stuck into place and you can't do anything but shoot and slash ( if in bot form).

If you fix this bug and the score system it could be a good game. Maybe I just didn't get the idea right, but thats why you need an explanation of what to do in the game. Now I am just telling you this based on what I see and what I have played.

sanguprod responds:

May be it would be clearer with the demo
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ztm1K jv6rw

Actually you have to find how to use the bal the ship weapon and the robot saber. It s a little bit more complex than a simple shoot them up. I found interessting to let people find out how it works

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3.03 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2010
9:07 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click