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World Basketball Challeng

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This game allows you to create a player and build him into a world champ! He will improve with every game played and receive cash for any victories. Become the Le Bron James of flash games.

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I'm addicted to it

Nice character upgrades but...

Gameplay is horrific. The A.I. just shoots 3 pointers, which as far as I can tell, is not an option for the player. I tried to tough it out for some upgrades, but way too frustrating and limited to keep with it. Needs a bit more in the gameplay department.

its ok

there's a lot of room for improvement but as far as games go i've seen much worse tweak it upgrade it wut ever u gotta do and it would be a great game (and for those who dont like basketball plz dont rate it as a basketball game rate it as a flash game)

Pretty Crap

The good bits: I like the upgrade system and i can see that you have put work into it.
The Bad bits: well, 1st of all, the key factor of a game. the game play... very bad indeed. thats the only real point i had to make cuz the rest is kinda sucky