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van der Shoot

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This game was made to help relieve frustration through gaming

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What is going on?..... :l

Pull... BLAM!

Usually I do not address the audio first, but I could just not get over it while playing the game. The repetitive crackle of the microphone followed by "Pull!" and the inevitable crack of the shotgun was incredibly grating and their existence in the otherwise soundless experience detracted from the whole rather than adding to it.

The game itself bordered on the offensive. It is quite a departure from shooting down ducks to blasting away a hapless inmate with a shotgun. The look on the man's face before he was thrust into the air was disheartening to say the least - was the idea behind making the target an inmate designed to distance us from the act of blasting away a human, or was it just played for laughs? But that did not stop me from getting a score of 20.

The only challenge in the game was losing your cross hair for a moment as other inmates 'reloaded'.

A question that sticks out is why you receive extra shots in later stages. In keeping with the ascending scale of video game difficulty, it seems like you should start out with two and then go down to one later to increase difficulty.

All in all, this odd Duck Hunt clone does not seem in good taste, but is serviceable. There is a lack of difficulty and without any features there is little to draw players back for a second or third round once they achieve a perfect score.