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If you have played arcade classics like Volfied or Qix, this game should be familiar to you. Your goal is to cut %80 of the screen off without getting killed by enemies.
-Click anywhere near borders to move there. -Click + drag on an empty area to start cutting. (You can also hold down shift button if you are having difficulty cutting near borders) Guide your ship with mouse and land on a border again to complete your cut. You can let go of the mouse button at any time to stop mid-cut and backtrack.
Avoid enemies and their projectiles. Collect bonus boxes by cutting around them.

Note: Higher cutouts than 80% give more points. You can surround and confine bosses into small areas to force them to shrink. The extra space will allow you to make higher cuts up to %99.9!

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when the enemies tuch the line you are making it goes to fast so you will almost die every time you go out to cap a large spot.

its OK, but

PacXon is better

Every time it freezes you die

Nice variation of QIX, however I found the game to be unplayable because it often seemed to freeze, but the game itself continues. That usually happens when I'm making a line. And when the game becomes active again everything has moved and I'm dead.

didn't like it

I'm a fan of this type of games and I've spend quite a lot of time playing this kind of game when I was a kid (sadly forgot what the game name is :( ). I'm not a fan of this remake that you've done. The best part of this type of game was doing those amazing half screen cuts with a single 'shot'. You see the balls bouncing around and you time your launch perfectly and then wait with excitement that if it will reach the other end.
In this game that is totally gone. The enemies move pretty erratically. You can't predict their movements, you can't time it to make a big cut.
I found myself doing these small penis shapes all the time itching upwards. Seems like the best strategy since you really can't predict where 'death' will come to you. I didn't enjoy playing this game.

The controls need polishing.

Not a bad game, but frustrating when the little ship wouldn't connect to something right beside him.

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3.60 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2010
7:26 PM EDT
Action - Other