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ok, so this is my first flash game and portal submission. My artist for the main character left town and wont be back for a while and I wanted to get this game done and uploaded since it was the last piece, so now there is roll. This is also my first test of the Newgrounds API so I hope the scoreboard, Medals, and ads work properly.

This was a practice game just so I could learn the basics of flash programming and the newgrounds API (which I obviously need some more work with) so now that i have a firm grasp of what I'm doing the next game and the possible sequel to this game will be exponentially better.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this game, there will hopefully be many more to come.

:Edit: Ok, the scoreboard is not working... I'll get on that ASAP. The medals don't work, well, at least they aren't worth any points. They were denied but not removed then when I tried to remove them myself they didn't delete so now the game is stuck with 0-point medals. I apologize.

:Edit~Edit: The High scores work, fixed the embedding on the text so that works correctly, most of the bugs should be out so go at it people, enjoy.

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Ops... what? Machine?

I know that this is the type of game where the hero dies anyway ...
little miss that I do not know why it is in the Masa ... a few words at home .. whether it be suicide-prone adrenaline sport or just mad hero
also seems to me that there was more background, a little different terrain and the sliding was slower than jogging ...
but otherwise very nice game:))

Crush her!

This is not that bad of a game at all, but it defintley needs improvement in a couple of areas. You really need to have more variety in the game and not just the same background over and over. It was hard for me to tell whether or not I was supposed to help the robots or not. It seems like the death is so far away, but then it comes on so quickly. I like the character used, and the design was actually pretty unique, with the contrasting background and robot design. It does get repetitive after awhile.

great result for a practice-game

I don't know how long I played, but it's a hot day and after 300,k points I felt rather dehydrated. Imagine my surprise when I finally realized: No pause-button.
In an endless game like this, pause- and mute-buttons are more than just a good idea.
The top 3 players really deserve the honour. You ladies and gentlemen are made of steel!

There is, however, a little glitch: Sometimes you are set back to the platform you just fell from, when you try to move into the direction you've just come from, while falling.
Also you can jump in midair. It just freezes you on the spot for around half a second. It doesn't really affect the gameplay, I just came to notice it.

Despite the fact that it's a really simple game and very repetitive, it became addicting rather quick and I had fun playing it. And in the end, that's what games are all about.


That was pretty nifty.

My only complaint is that those walls get way too fast, and inevitably catch up to me, and the second time they got me, the screen did not scroll, taking all my lives.

Ah well. Great start for your first game. Cant wait to see the next one.

PS: I also encountered this game from the song. It was a choice song I was going to use in my own flash game. :D


i found out about this game because I had favourited the song you used. You're off to a good start already because that song is extremely catchy. I think the game is a little simplistic and the graphics could use some work but overall it is extremely addictive and fun. The sound of the crushers coming down is terrifying as it gets louder and louder. the sliding was a little a choppy but all in all the animations move pretty well. I have to mention that sometimes when you are falling down to the next level and you try to move while falling, it glitches and puts you 3 or 4 levels back up. This can be extremely annoying because the crusher will be right on your ass or kill you automatically. I liked when the robot's say "thankyou" after you rescue them.

It told me I earned medals during the game but I don't see any on my profile so I assume they aren't working which kind of sucks because it took some time to get 1,000,000 points.

A pretty addictive and fun game I'd say and right now I have the #1 high score with a commanding lead. High five

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3.46 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2010
8:47 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop