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Fly Hard is a game I made using the 3D utilities available in CS4.
There are 4 different weapons - each with it's strengths and weaknesses,
different levels for each weapon,
3 types of homing missiles,
and lots of dynamic enemies!

* you might want to reduce the quality in Options to get better performance.

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come on

Man it went from alright to come on end already I don't know what to say but make better weapons or enemies or somthin to make it more exciting.


god that was boring, it looked ok, but the enemys all looked like blocks of cheese, and it was slow paced and the weapons wernt original or exciting at all, i didnt see any bosses, these games all should have awesome huge screen sized bosses, its needs improvement but its a good start

same as the last time

With no real improvements... See rastachucker's comments


Lame. Nothing special and the controls are awkward. The bad bad guys boring and it is just the same thing over and over again and plus it is almost impossible to get close enough to shoot them without getting hit. So most of the time I would just avoid them. I just finally killed myself because it was just so repetitive. The upside is the graphics are freaking awesome. When the game started for the first time it took me a sec to realize that this was the games graphics and not a photo. The game play itself was fun but there is just not enough there to keep me for long periods of time. Add some verity and switch up the game play some maybe by adding bosses and levels so that it feels like your accomplishing something and figure out away to make it so it does not feel like suscide mission just hit the other guys.


this game was cool and when i went to shoot the enemies i thought they would stand there and take it like every other game but the were bob and weveing, awsome

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2.93 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2010
12:17 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight