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Hello Newgrounds,

This is my first submission made since I learned AS3.

I had a lot of fun making this and I hope you enjoy it. Instructions are in-game.

- Sage

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slow, repetitive, and unoriginal.
Sorry dude, but that's how it is.
the best games are innovative, original or at least poetic. Try one of those and work around it.

Darn Good try if this is your first submission!

I say that, because you have the basics down pat. I felt the game didn't increase in difficulty, and the kill zone around the monsters was a little large. I think the skins need to include power ups like being able to nuke the monsters. Perhaps as your falling you can speed up, causing it to be more difficult to avoid the monsters. One of your unlocks could be a parachute to slow you back down again.. ect. ect. again Damn fine job with this.. 4/5 and 9/10 man..

Xaotik responds:

First AS3 game, not first game...

NOt too shabby

I wasn't going to write a review at first but I felt obliged.

For a first game in AS3 this was very well done. It does seem a little unfinished and some things could be improved, but you have a nice skeleton. I want to cmmend you on putting this out though. Too many Newgroundlings use first tries as an excuse to put out a subpar product and wonder why they get blammed. You've made something that can stand alone, yet I do hope you redux it in the future. Some minor suggestions:

The difficulty level didn't really change I felt. It was a pretty easy game and I got bored and crashe don purpose after awhile. Maybe after each skin achievement, it could speed up or the enemy waves could be more daunting. Or better yet, divide the game into levels.

I'd like to see skin achievements that were more egg related. I loved the "deviled eggs" as enemies, so it'd be cool if you could figure out some other clever puns.

Different enemies and maybe some item collects. I know it's cliche, but it's a formula that has worked forever. Perhaps working with different levels would make it easier to introduce new enemies/obstacles.

Lastly, it'd be cool if you had a longer music loop. I know I'm being nit-picky, but music can really set the tone. Perhaps even just a smoother transition from the end to the restart.

Keep it up, you have some great promise. I hope you go back and flesh this game out a bit more in future. Look forward to seeing what you come up with next!


THIS WAS YOUR FIRST GAME wow that was a n excellent first game i hope you learn some tricks and remake it in a year and make it badass

Xaotik responds:

Thanks for the comment but please read...

This is NOT my first game ever... its the first one I've done since learning AS3...

Well, it could've been more interesting...

There are a few things that I found disturbing. At times I barely came in contact with those other weird looking things, and I took damage. And at other times, I just wanted something new to happen. I like your creativity, but it could've gone further. It's not too bad, it's just missing some things. 4/10 Sorry :C

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2.69 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2010
8:41 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid