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Alien Thunderstorm has knocked out the power in the city, and brought with it mysterious floating mines. Simple to play but challenging game. Involves dodging floating mines and buildings without touching down. Good Luck!

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:DDDDD good game...

awsome programma too, "durtbag" wink wink


simple and addictive :)

Something about this I did not enjoy.

The graphics were much to busy, a less complicated background would have been nice. Often it was hard to tell it you were meant to avoid a building or block. The music gets overly repetitive (not surprising given how short the loop is). And overall this is a very bad example of this genre of game.

To make it more user friendly, you could add a longer music track, tidy up the graphics and maybe even change the way that the gravity works (a 'floaty' feeling can still be hard, but a little more enjoyable). More power-ups beyond just health would be cool, a 10 second shield can make all the difference to the gameplay. :P

You also might like to consider starting with more colour, and as your progress getting darker. This would add to the sense of urgency as it takes more skill to survive.


an old game on another website is like this but looks like it was made on an atari ...i always imagined a game like this about air force one and you have to help the president not crash as long as possible

It's OK

The collision check is not 100% there yet. Sometimes the glow hits you, sometimes a bit more. It took me also a bit to figure out that the buildings cause you damage, since it's not animated. ( However it's in the description )

Nothing special, nothing bad; I guess worth the while.