Choose Your Death 2

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Hey guys! Choose Your Death 2 is finally here, a good 2 years after I submitted the first Choose Your Death. This edition is VASTLY improved, in terms of animation, sound, and creativity in the deaths. I proudly give you what's probably my most involved work of flash to this date (though that will definitely change in the future). Sorry for the wait, but, hell, I think it's definitely worth it.

And, yes, there are a few secrets in there... ;) Good luck finding them!

Also, I have someone to give thanks to. The blood splatters found in the game are by ToXin, from FPSBANANA. Hope you don't mind I stole em!

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Damn the Chainsaw is the most Brutal Object ever

Meh. Seen better.

theres two secrets one my that green alien thing in the end click master chiefs helmet and the other secret is by the m4 after it drops its clip click it and something really funny happens also i like to know if there is more than one secret so please someone tell me if someone knows and my favorites are the two secrets and the grey big mouth is my favorite i dont know what it is and that electro gun in the corner is also my favorite i dont know what that exactly is either. very good job on the game though :)

this is awesome

Hey, I thought spartans never die.