Sea Journey

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Sea Journey invites you to the fascinating world of watery waste, fresh breeze and hot sea battles. If you are discontent with ordinary casual games, if you want something more exciting and challenging, Sea Journey is just the game for you. Match3 games have never been so thrilling and absorbing. To begin with, the gameplay is quite original. The playing area is divided into two parts: a match3 field and a visual sea battle above it. As you put matching items in a line, they blow up and affect the course of the battle or give you some profit. For example, a line of cannon balls lets you have a cannon-shot at the enemy; wheels increase the maneuvering ability of your ship in the battle, thus reducing the enemy's shooting accuracy; various gems designate special features; coins let you buy new ships, and scrolls give you extra experience for ship upgrade. You and your enemy have 3 moves every turn, but if you match 4 or 5 items, you get extra moves. The game provides you with useful tips that help to choose what matches are the most beneficial. The battle is depicted in detail and looks very spectacular due to advanced graphics. Epic music along with real-life sound effects makes the action immensely impressive. The battles are set in various places, so you can enjoy many magnificent views such as storms, sunsets, volcanoes and harbors. There are 4 types of ships: trader, pirate, guard and phantom; and each type has its peculiar characteristics. When you get more than one ship, it is up to you to decide which one is more suitable for a certain mission. All in all there are 50 levels in Sea Journey, and as you upgrade your ships and improve their capabilities, your adventures get more dangerous and difficult. Besides fighting with other ships, you can attack enemy forts. By the way, besides the main plot, you can enjoy seven fabulous mini-games, which also bring you a good round sum!

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the computer cheats. you should put a limit on the amount of extra moves it is allowed to have.

Nice game!

I love this game, although it's a bit short, you should do a second part!

your description is completely wrong!

There aren't any minigames, there are only TWO ships, and there are not even close to 50 levels.

Very disappointing.

It seems the CPU opponent cheats a bit..

After playing through a bit, I started to notice that things just weren't looking right. THe computer was getting 4 and 5 matches for extra turn repeatedly, even when I watched it only match 3 icons together, and only those three dissapeared. I even watched it get a match 3 with 2 icons. So it gets a bit pointless when it starts to seem like the reason you're having trouble isn't because your eyes aren't finding things right, but the computer is using it's own set of rules.


just like puzzle quest only boats I like it but the computer is weird. It will ignore 4 in a row for a 3 yet then the falling blocks would either do a 4-5 or in some cases a flaming block.

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3.21 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2010
8:51 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other