Stickman F**kups 3

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One of my Stick Death Collaborations from back in 2005. I decided to post this on Newgrounds knowing its 5 years later and it most likely won't do well but aw well, I honestly don't really care.
Anyway the options are simple : Choose a death to kill the stick with.


a bit dull

It's hardly "Stickman F**kups" since they're not really f**king up anything. By the title, I expected bloopers of some sort, but all the deaths are intentional. F**kups in this case would be trying to kill the other guy and failing or having things backfire.

You have alot there, but it's not well-animated. The pacing on everything was off or too slow. In the golf club one, it looked like the guy just held the golf club to the other's head and his head came off.

With stickmen, since the art is so simple, you need to be really good at animating to make things interesting.

MekaShadowlight responds:

Yeah F**kups in this case is killing the stick, i probably should have mentioned that in the description. My Bad


I always love the ,,Choose Fuck'n Death of the stick'' style of animation, but these deaths are bad, unrealistic, uninteresting.

fun? for two minutes

like TridonWolf said, this has been done countless times and is mildly entertaining for about two minutes

not bad, but I miss "the killer effect"

it is pretty good, but the death's could be more dramatically animated to the death. the drawings could be better, and the death screams could also be better, as well as the voice before the death. and maybe some refining and more realistic things make this great. but I've seen WAY worse than this, so I must confess that you still didn't do this too bad at all.

MekaShadowlight responds:

Thanks , i can admit myself this was kind of a letdown but i made it back in 2005 xD

old idea...

done way to many times and way to many was better than this.. and honestly it isnt hard to make the area behind the text a button people gotta stop with the press the letters crap..

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Jun 18, 2010
1:34 AM EDT
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