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Red vs Blue Timeline

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Author Comments

(6/18/10 - Icon Legend added.)

This timeline is complete up to Season 8 of Red vs. Blue (Revelation), Chapter 9. This project represents my first attempt at making interactive Flash buttons and will serve as a springboard for future projects. As the series finishes, I plan to upload a more complete timeline with more features - most notably, character labels.

Red X's indicate a character's death. The squiggly mark bubbles indicate that a character is knocked out. Circles around a character's head show that they have one (or more) AI character implanted. Locks indicate that a character has been captured.

Special thanks to redvsblue.com users "BuckeyeDon", who created the template for the map I used to lay out the timeline; those who worked on the LFTO Timeline Project and gathered all this data, and "Leafshinobi7", who organized everything into a single extremely big image file.

Characters and scenarios are © Rooster Teeth Productions. Red vs. Blue is a machinima series based on Halo, a Mature-rated video game.

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Fantastic! Although it is quite useless, this is pretty great considering all the effort that must have been put into it.

Are you going to make a new one now that season 9 has finished?

Good but missing some stuff

This is everything tht I noticed that was missing:
The robot army, (CHAAARRRRGGE!!!)
All of the duplicate churches at sidewinder
Church at sidewinder before blood gulch
Church with gary way before blood gulch

Also, since when was the Burning Planes the same as Sandtrap
This may all seem stupidly pedantic but that's because most of it is correct

Also, update soon

TheRecreator responds:

Thank you for your comment.

I purposely left out the robot army and Church duplicates at Sidewinder for sake of simplicity. I also chose to depict Church's "time travel" as an isolated loop in the present (due to the Counselor's comments in Recreation Ch. 4) and BuckeyeDon decided that the dig site at Sandtrap must have been the same place as the guys were sent to investigate the strange energy signal at in Season 3 (also based on the Counselor's comments).

I'll update the timeline when I get some more solid evidence on where each character is during the current season (i.e. after the next plot-heavy episode) and plan to run a fact check at the end of the Recollections series. Mind that I am working with the limits of a 16,000-frame timeline in Flash, so the amount of content I can add is limited.

Amazing Job Rec.

It was a little confusing at first, but I was able to follow it after a few seconds.

Very creative way to be able to follow the series as of right now. The only thing is that you're going to have to update it as the series goes on.

Fucking. Awesome.

I know how much work something like this has to have taken, so I commend you alone on the dedication. Not to mention how clean and beautiful and precise this thing is, and how very very very useful it will be to me in terms of fanfiction. I heart you, I heart you hard.

That being said, it could use some music, even if it's just the warthog music on loop. (I have a clip I made of the original song so that it'll loop perfectly, if you need it xD)