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Stop the Kittens

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Edit: Doing a make sure test real quick after upload and saw a bug with the timer, fixed it.

Took down the old version to make some corrections; first off, I've balanced it so people who are bad at the game can play easily, while at the same time aiming for a higher score is difficult, let me know how that worked out, also added a timer so that you aren't just clicking for an indefinite amount of time.

Shoot the Kittens trying to get into the portal for 1 point, and shoot the spam for 10 extra seconds.

I do listen to feedback and take it to heart, which is why I redid this to be better. I'll consider all constructive feedback and advice to try to improve my future submissions.

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well its an improvement

its not as mindless as the first, which was easy and no challenge, and adding the spam is kinda funny too. Obviously this is about Kitty Krew lol.

My biggest issue...

...was that when I clicked on a kitten, sometimes it didn't register the click. Not sure if that's your game or my computer. Other things that bug me are that the spam is impossible to hit unless it randomly appears under your crosshairs, and ever then... and also, only one thing you can reasonable attempt to hit gets boring fast.

Otherwise, cute idea, it does okay as a time waster, I guess.

I cant say its horrible.

I cant do better since I dont own flash, but save these for practice if you value your reputation. It's a fun concept, but one target gets old fast. Try again next time. I'm not gonna vote to blam it, but I think you should work harder. Rome wasnt built in a day.

Galdon responds:

Oh yeah, it was just a random thought and I felt compelled to run with it. Not going to make a habit of posting every random overly simple game that pops in my head, next one I post will be an actual full game in it's own right.

got 36

I like the humour of the kitten reference! It seems VERY hard to hit the Spam-which I imagine is your intention -indeed I gave it up as a waste fo time . You should tell is in the game's instructions that you can get seconds from hitting the Spam rather than just in the notes. Flash should always speak for itself

Galdon responds:

I completely forgot to add instructions to the flash, the first version only had one target so it was self explanatory. I'll keep in mind to do that next time.

like the concept but

i dont understand what you have against the [KK] i think you should hear the whole thing from their site first what their goals are and not just make an anti-game
this is just militant and the gameplay is odd sticky configurations bla

Galdon responds:

I actually don't have much against them or I'd have something a little more extreme. if they can give it; they can take it is all.

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1.72 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2010
3:56 PM EDT