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A sidescroller shoot-out game where you play as a guy who has had his two friends kidnapped by a gang of dangerous men while camping out in the woods. Story-driven, the game goes through 3.5 levels that have you on foot, in a car, and behind the scope of a rifle.

Enemies react based on your actions, so keep an eye on them to determine your best strategy.

For replayability, there are 3 minigames that can be unlocked during gameplay, and each minigame has it's own achievements or prizes that can be unlocked by completing specific goals or attaining certain scores. The main game itself also has an achievement system.

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shot a guy in the face 20 times and he acted like it was nothing and proceeded to one shot me.

not bad but could use some work

The game itself is entertaining but i agree that the lack of a life bar is a bit annoying as well as not being able to shoot from the crouch position. you put a life bar in the thinker minigame so why not the story mode. Also i found a bug, in the thinker, when i ran out of life it froze. couldnt do anything but the enemies continued to pop up and shoot at me. Also think of giving the player a chance to regain health or maybe pick up some of the guns dropped by the dead bad guys ala lethal enforcer or something like that. aside from those things the game really isnt all that bad, keep refining your work and you could go far :)

If this game gets front paged...

Then it'll deserve it 100%, this game is challenging, and it's pretty damn realistic about how gun combat REALLY works, additionally, the graphics are pretty good.

However, for one reason or another, Pop's is probably the worst drawn character in the game, which is a shame because people won't look at the game that well if the title character looks... awkward.

However, there's a very nice amount of innovation, especially the shaky gunning when you're running, however, controls are somewhat unresponsive when you're trying to stop running.

Good, but missing

Good concept, good ideas, but no health gage, unlimited ammo, and you tend to die really easy, especially if you run past all the baddies they can still somehow shoot you.

jonnyi6 responds:

Thanks For your thoughts, we didnt add a heath bar to make it more realistic, and when you run past the enemies they can still shoot you because once again this is how it would be in real life, i hope you enjoyed the game, thanks for your comments

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3.99 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2010
12:17 PM EDT
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