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Note: This is the official release to Newgrounds of the Game stolen a few days ago by someone pretending to be me :( , if you've already played it, please vote how you liked it, though you should now play it with it's proper aspect ratio, it's much better :D

The idea behind this game was to push how large of a single Movieclip I could make each level, and in the process pay tribute to my absolute favourite game on the PS2, Shadow of the Colossus, which hopefully will be seeing an HD re-release on PS3 soon!

Play as a mysterious Pale Man of the North in a quest to rid the Kingdom of a most unusual plague, and in the process win the throne to the empire!

I hope you enjoy this little cinematic style game, I've really tried to squeeze the atmosphere in. Featuring music from Duncan Fenn of The Red Swan Hotel,which you should defintely check out in the link to the side and the as usual brilliant http://www.Incompetch.com

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"It's not the fall that kills you" *proceeds to jump on the little lake and wait to drown*

based on just the first level (don't have the time to play the whole thing right now) this is 2d shadow of the colossus and it's a pretty fun platformer

I must say I have never played a platformer like this one. The screen shake, music, insane levels and satisfying ( though SOOOO exaggerated movement! ) make for an unbelevable, immersive experience. The story is brief but that ending says it all... As a platformer alone, I'd say it is quite linear and not very replayable, but my first time around was a blast!

I liked it. There weren't too many bugs and it was presented flawlessly. My favorite part was whenever the creature's shape is revealed. The only real problem I had with the game was the shaky-camera-thing, which was a bit too intense.

Truly wonderful! The best Shadow of the Colossus tribute out there!

All my five stars are on this cause it was not only fun, the controls are simple to understand and most of the time when you fail, you feel like it's your fault. The only drawback is we (mostly me) need more games like this, and longer games like this.