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FISHBANE FULL: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/541803
( copy & paste & remove the link-breaking space )




Before you play this [the demo does not really include a tutorial] you might want to watch this video:

http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=pXQclA0uaXw

If you choose not to watch the video (as I imagine many, many won't) I'll warn you: the difficulty curve for the demo quest, because it is so short, is rather steep. Best of luck to you >:D


For those who miss the 'controls' page:

Z/C pair or X/V will Jump/Harpoon (throw or recall).
Arrows move and provide an alternative jump control.
---> I forgot to mention this earlier (or anywhere, really) but R will reset the level!
Also, press P to complete the Controls screen on the last page. (even though it says it -right there-)


That's it! I hope uploading demos is allowed. The full version is complete but I'm working on finding the best sponsor that I can. Thanks for understanding.


Oh, and:
Find your harpoon, and throw it.
Ride it through the air, because you are FISHBANE, and you are AWESOME.

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Not too shabby

it reminds me of a retro version of bioshock lol.

One thing to fix maybe: on the last lvl the blue button on the bottom left is a trap! i accidentally locked myself in and had to reset. maybe include a lvl reset?

love the classic 16bit audio and graphics and would love to see more!

4/5 and 8/10


Really good game so far but on the last level of the demo the red switch above the blue one needs to be higher as shown in your youtube vid. This makes it impossible to complete the demo.

Droqen responds:

If you follow the video you'll see the changed position of the red button really doesn't make any difference at all :) when you press the red button, you fall through the platform anyway.

Thanks for the feedback - I hope you can finish it o:

Pretty fun for a demo

Can't wait for the whole thing :)

Droqen responds:

I'm glad! :3
[I can't wait to release it but unfortunately life requires money >_<]

i would love to see more

only problem lies with the jumping. very hard to jump certain distances when the guy can barely jump far enough

Droqen responds:

Make sure you're holding the jump button!

If you're talking about the jump to that first fish, well, that's just me being an asshole :D
That jump is supposed to be hellish.

Also thanks. I really can't wait until I can let people like you see more :)