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RPG Stick Fight

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Update: battle loop dont get cut off
Update: battle song loops
UPDATE: Enemy is spelled right. lol.
UPDATE: You get more heal when you use it. It should make it more easier thanks for your feedback

This is my first game I have ever made. I put a lot of hard work into it, but I know the drawing isn't good but I think you will think its cool. I hope lol.

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here is some idea's...

1:make a magic spell book of up to 3 diff attacks
2:make it where when you hit the attack let it chooce between your weak attack or strong attack(strong takes away 50 hp per use)
3:add a super heal where you heal 4x more then the other heal but you can't attack for 1 turn.
4:make it where your start off hp is 100 and the enemy start off hp is 10.
5:make it where there is a menu where you can set enemy lvl it's strength lvl(tells max and minimum dmg),it's HP,Magic lvl(tell's his MP pt's and how much dmg his mage attack's do).
6:a EXP bar.
7:when EXP bar fill's,make it where you can spend 3 pt's to upgrade strength,endurance(max HP) and magic.
8:make it where after your magic lvl is 10 you unlock the best of all attack's:super explosive wave(the dmg is 250-1000(it can be upgraded)).
9:at mage/magic lvl 25 your mana is at 50 and it takes all 50 of it to use the super death beam once(about 3x bigger then the regular death beam(and the death beam is skinny real skinny))
10:i forgot to mention...make it where you can upgrade your attack's in melee and in magic so they can be way more powerful
11:and also add melee gear and armor that can be upgraded to protect from magic and/or melee you have to spend exp on that though not pt's.it takes exp to buy the armor and spell's and weapon's and takes exp to lvl up your dmg for your attack's.and also add a MP regen button where if you use it it gives you MP for 100 HP without you losing your turn.
do all that and the rating on this game will sky rocket.and put on a online mode and where you can fight more then 1 guy at a time aka after you defeat 1 another can come and you can set all there lvls(max enemie's you can fight would be up to 10).

nothing porsenal...

its just that game its such a shitty game...
i totaly agree with Createure

Some kind of record...

This is the worst game I've ever played on NG, congratulations.

I just feel sorry for Zero-Bass... poor guy doesn't deserve his music put to this atrocity.


I give you a 5/5 and a 10/10.
because of your sadic humor or only your wrong grammatic.
and,YOU ATTACK THE ENENY. ahahahahahahaha
Idk why but this is hilarious to me.

jay37 responds:

i get the grammatic thing a lot. but i alittle funny now that i s it lol. thank