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SMB 3 Turntable

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Hello! This is my first submission this... um... ever!
I have made this simply for your enjoyment. Thanks!
Blue = SMB 3 Sky theme
Green = SMB 3 Overworld
Orange = SMB 3 World 1
Red = SMB 3 Airship theme
Yellow = SMB 3 World 7
Credits = SMB 3 World 6
These are 6 of my favorite songs from Super Mario Brothers 3!

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I love this kind of music man! Thx for creating it! :D

i know this but i loose 5 times in one game on smb 1,2,3

good start.

this shows you know what your doing with flash, you can only go up from here right?

Cool Stuff.

SMB 3- Good times, good times.

Me and my friend say you get a three.

You did manage to use very small amounts of code to express you interest in video game music; sadly tho it wasn't that impressive. You used very small amounts of code to do something as simple as on(press){gotoAndPlay(/*soandso*/)}; not that hard. But at least you put did put some art into it as for others who just pictures of the internet tied it together. now why I give you a three is because you know some form of programming, as for how simple it was I suspect it was AS1.0 or AS2.0. buyt over all not that impress, all I can say is that this kind of stuff is meant for the eyes of Sheezyart. While something like a good game or movie is meant for this, dont get me wrong, this is interactive.