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Stealth has never been so much fun. Infiltrate mafia establishments and complete objectives that lead you to solving a large crime scandal. Assassinate key figures while avoiding their guards or complete side objectives which reward you for dealing silent kills over gun shots.
Aim for perfection in each mission to place high in the leaderboards.

WASD/Arrows to Move / Swing
Mouse to Aim and Shoot
1 - Select Gun
2 - Select Grapple
E/CTRL to switch as well.
SPACEBAR - open doors/ perform silent kill/ skip text
P - Pause
M - Mute
Q - Quality

Hope you all enjoy :)

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I don't feel qualified or comfortable making judgements about what stealth games 'should' involve, but one thing I would have changed is the patterns and motives of the enemies' movements. While they are there, they're quite complex, having many more phases and subtle changes of position which, unless you're both very patient and equipped with a very good memory or set of memory techniques, are difficult both to discern, and to remember. It may be merely my lacking skill, but I feel could take hours to complete certain sections successfully without a decent amount of fortuitous timing. The most frustrating part is that the enemies don't seem to move in that way for any particular reason, so unless most of them are supposed to be borderline obsessive-compulsive, it's frustrating to watch them walk back and forth waiting for your chance to strike, steal up behind one of them, only to have your prize snatched away because you were trying to keep track of two different ten-plus stage movement patterns at the same time, or because you had to move slowly to avoid alerting him and in doing so wasted three seconds, which was enough time for his comrade to turn around and shoot you to death, which you couldn't respond to or escape from because the weapon changes only add another layer to what essentially becomes a memory challenge. At the very least, I wish you could cause enemies to investigate the sound of bullet impacts, and maybe their sources, because at least then, you might be able to synchronise their movements or clump them together somehow. With no way whatsoever to influence them, besides getting yourself shot or killing someone else, you may as well be stalking tiny pixelated phrases of code across a tiny dichromatic, vaguely tech noir backdrop.

Epic game!

After I beat the 1st level I exploded in my pants.

otp voice acting

It was really awesome but the guys voice was a bit stupid

Wonderful concept, but...

You kinda botched it, what with the second level being "kill everything in sight" and you have to go through the front door.
I like the grappling, and while it's glitchy, it's still functional.

It was great

Up to a point... The controls were slightly touchy... the rope should have acted differently... And even when i was still and aimedd right at the guys head my shot missed.... Like i said it was great but i finally got tired of the controls on Mission 5 i had just had enough so a seven... if you make a second (And you should cause i love the art and almost all your work!) make it slightly better cause you have something here...

Credits & Info

4.34 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2010
1:49 PM EDT