Runaway Minetrain

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Enjoy 26 levels of action packed fun in this exciting adventure game! Navigate your way through the twisting track of the mines. Come up against everything from broken track and rocks, to lasers, cannons and much much more!

Create your own minetrain gauntlets and share them with your friends with the level editor!


k i have a question where is the game

where is the game from the description?? it says action packed but the game is way to slow it says adventure when you only need to press 4 buttons max so really no not good

Well done, with minor flaws.

Nice use of text and graphics. This got kind of boring and repetitve, however.
I'd say that a use of music would be good in this game, as well as a sense of minigames of a sort.

Good game

Some things you can improve:

* Sense of speed: i didn't play very far, but there was never a sense of a 'runaway' gold cart. if you can find a way of making the game feel a bit faster or more rushed it would be cool.

* Controls: The way you swap preference to a certain direction works fine, but it would be more challenging and to an extent fun if you had to make that decision at each intersection.

Please bear in mind that i only played a little bit. I think your art direction is quite cute and it works well with the music.

Nice work.

not bad

reminds me of the old donkey kong on super nintendo

Great Game!

I really like this game!
I just think that it definitely could have started out a little bit more fast paced to catch peoples attention. I understand the first level is just a tutorial, but maybe after that just pick up the speed a tiny bit or something.
Other than that though it was nicely done! Keep up the good work!

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3.12 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2010
8:07 AM EDT
Adventure - Other