Arrival In Hell I

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A revamp of the 2006 hit game Arrival In Hell. This is to celebrate the sequel of the game coming soon. We've touched up the graphics and made a few glitch changes.


I think the animation is a bit of a stepdown from the original. Still a classic tho.

Original publisher here. For those of you who enjoyed playing this, we need your help. We want to remake Arrival in Hell in full 3D, so head over to Kickstarter to back us and make it a reality! You can also vote for us on steam greenlight.

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Not as good or long as part 2, but still an ok game. Had some fun clicking random things and suggesting pointless interactions, just to hear the character say "are you insane" :)

I think the graphics are much improved from the original version 4 years previously, although I did find the "bouncing effect" during the dialogue sequences to be rather quite annoying. The artistic decision to change the Beast's blood from red to green was a nice touch. I meant to say this in my earlier comment on the original version of this game, but I loved it when our protagonist had the dialogue option to tell the sane prisoner that he was "selling these fine orange jumpsuits." Ha, ha. Nice tributary reference to the old adventure point 'n click games, especially Indiana Jones and just about anything made from LucasArts.

Concept and story are good but are let down by the amateur voice acting, the annoying control system(having to press pick up, talk to and see repeatedly) and the occasional spelling mistake in the subtitles. The only difference I can find from the original version is the artwork and design has been changed and in some places improved (green blood for the monster makes it less human and therefore creepier). Despite the few flaws and there are few even though I've probably made it sound like there's loads, it was a very enjoyable game.

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3.59 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2010
10:31 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other