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My Forest Adventures

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How to play My Forest Adventures:
Use your mouse to help Girl help her new forest friends by performing the actions shown in each scene!

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Very cute

I thought this flash was very cute, in terms of art style and the design of the game's protagonist. What's more, I thought that the music for this game was VERY fitting. For some reason, it reminds me of what is to be heard in Kingdom Hearts...

However, I have some good reasons for giving a low score for this flash. First of all was the name of the protagonist, "Girl". Although I thought it was humorous, it also seemed kind of bland. You probably should've come up with a better name for the character; maybe... Natasha, or something?

Second, was the level to which you had to find twenty-four four-leaf clovers for the fox. Unfortunately, I managed to find only twenty-two on that level; yet it was still a level that was "complete". I couldn't help but think that this either may be a game glitch, or maybe a mistake in the design of the game itself.

Still, I have enjoyed this game very much. I hope you make more. :)


It's brilliant and cute. Even has many languages.

For some odd reason....

....this game really reminded me of a Mario Party. Maybe it's the mini games. Who knows. Anyways, the art was really great to look at, the gameplay was fun, and I ended up finishing it pretty quickly. I actually enjoyed how you only had the animals say "help, help!" at the beginning of every level, instead of other dialog. It seemed to add to the simplicity of this game, which where it shined its true colors for me. Anyways, great job! Thanks for the well drawn-out game!