yeti knight 007

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help the yeti knight on his 7th adventure. will he say 'ok' or 'nope'
for more adventures check out www.yetiknight.tumblr.com



Justin Beiber sucks.And...... well thats all thats wrong

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Justin Beaver

He would get stuck in a tree and ask someone for help. What a loser. He even runs into sliding-glass doors.

3 stars for the nice 8-bit animation but 0/5 because I hate that fukin kid.

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This is not a game....just cause you like to tweet about justin bieber, it does not mean everyone likes to...:(

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The colors were nice!

To be blunt this is a very poor effort if you want to call it that, the game was not funny to me at all, it was absolutely pointless of calling a game because there is only one option basically simple minded clicking, over all the only thing I like was the art style (pixel style) I think you should do this a again but next time add more options, find new and better ways to implement your humor though out the game.
Good luck.

Funny, but kindof short...

I liked the joke of the world blowing up because you didn't help, but you should expand the storyline maybe. Maybe you can add what to tweet and see how you piss people off. I don't know, I'm just throwing out ideas. Point is, you can make some pretty decent stuff if you use your talent to make 8-bit story lines or whatever.

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1.78 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2010
4:56 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click