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Click on the center of the multi-coloured triangles to Spin, or between two triangles to Swap, in order to make similarly coloured hexagons where the tips of six triangles meet.

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that game was really cool and interesting, but it was hard for me.


It starts off simple, and gets harder the more you play. just like any other great puzzle game

Pretty unique

While I do agree that perhaps a little bit more explanation of how to play the game might make things a bit easier, I still figured out how to do it fairly quickly. Pretty good game. Definitely haven't seen anything like it before. Good job.

It gave me a headache...

All those colors and trying to make a hexagon with it?

Try making it a little more simple, like make the shape of a triangle or something. Then work your way up from there. Maybe even jazz up the music a bit. So keep that in mind if you try to improve upon your games.

Could be good but

This game is unbelieveable.

Half of the time i didnt even know what was going on. There were no instructions, no help, nothing. It was just a bunch of shit your trying to do. At the first level i managed to complete it by using luck. When level 2 hit it doesnt fuck around. Its some hardcore difficulty shit. No hints, no clues, nothing. Your like "wtf am i supposed to do".

This could have been good but its just another complicated puzzle game you dont even know what to do exactly. Its unbelieveable how ppl actually put some effort into games like this but they fail anyways. Next time when you make a game, try to even explain what to do because this piece of shit didnt make any logical fucking sense. There is a point but you need to figure it out by yourself and thats NOT how flash games work. You really need to know what your doing. This was just a fucking mess.