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Protect The Castle

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Your castle is under attack... Protect your castle from incoming enemies, Destroy them and earn money to buy upgrades.

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shit the bed

i really liked the artwork it was very nice, the character design was very good(tho pointless, indians in a castle???? really?), the game play however was ass,(shame because i really like defence games) the controls where awful, and the game itself was really boring, it sounded dreadful, there where glitches all over( example: if i hit one summon button and hit another the summon button the creature or item would magically morph into another one..... even if i didn't buy that upgrade yet) another thing that was awful was once you buy an upgrade it charges you to use the upgrade and never says how much. the 3 stars are for the art and the art alone.

Could use some improvement

I didn't play this game for very long, so here are a few superficial things about the game I noted.

First, the background music is really high pitched and the loop is short. This is sure to cause some ear ache even during a really short play session. Good to have that mute button.

Second, the control of the archers (?) is a little weird. Judging by the pose of the men it's kind of hard to predict where the axes/spears are going. And on top of that, the keyboard controls are way too sticky. The guys just move by a pixel or two when the button is pressed. After a while of holding a key they move their aim way too quickly to accurately predict where the shots are going to hit. I think mouse + crosshair could be a better option.

Also on the buy menu I noticed how you have to first put cursor an item, move the mouse carefully not touch any of the other items and then press buy. This was a little counter intuitive, as I first clicked the icon and then quickly moved to the buy button. Of course, the wrong item was selected and I bought that as a result.

The graphics could use some more work too, as it's not really that eye-friendly to look at grainy and pixellated or stretched sprites on the screen.

Overall, it's not that bad of a game, but the presentation and the controls could use some more work.


This was laggy, pointless and stupid. The game did not let you change your aim very well, and you did not get a chance to shoot often. What is up with the indians tossing tomahawks? I had the game freeze on me and when it worked again, I had been killed. I think it really needs some work, and they should trash it until it's gotten some better programming.

well i don't like it...

The dragon doesn't really work... I am sitting here spamming the one key, spamming click on the picture, and spamming space...

GameBusted responds:

The dragon will only work when you have enough money

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2010
10:56 AM EDT