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Turbulent Tundra

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Okay, this is a game inspired by Canabalt. It's got procedural level generation, competitive highscores and penguins. As my first Flash game, I'm reasonably pleased with it, so do give it a play or two, and see what you think. Thanks, sincerely, for checking this out.

For anyone interested, the game was created using some software called Multimedia Fusion 2. That's right, I didn't use Flash CS3 or CS4, or FlashDevelop, or Flex, or pure actionscipt or... butterflys. MMF2 recently got the ability to export to Flash, and so this is one of the first handful of MMF2 games on Newgrounds.

The creation of this game originally came about through a competition at http://gamebuilder.info to create a game but only using 20 blocks of code. Quite a challenge. I mean, anyone can create a game in 20 blocks of code, but a game with polish, with charm, with as few bugs as possible, that is tough. Inspired by the classic Canabalt, I whipped it together in a few weeks. It wasn't for Flash originally, but a few months later I went over it, fixing all the problems and in the process doubling the amount of code. It did well in the competition, and has so far been played thousands and thousands of times. I guess that's the great thing about Flash games. You get this massive audience you can entertain. Like you! Thanks for playing this, means a lot to me.

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Good for your first one!

Honestly, you people who are ripping on this game, did you even READ the game description? He did this in a few weeks using only 20 blocks. I find this impressive for just 20 blocks.

The music is good, but it seemed a bit slow to me. Anyway, good luck with your next flashes and I hope Darren finally reaches his dream.


Very good for your first flash. It wasn't a bad game, either. Could defiantly use some work though. If this is your first flash than I'm sure you'll become excellent in the future.

Good effort

Doesn't quite match up with Canabalt though. It's impossible to tell what's happening to the ice behind you (it actually looks like its shuffling) and the game just feels very stiff. I was hoping to actually see more in this game, but as it stands there just isn't a lot to see. Having more than just trees and snowmen would've made things a lot more interesting. Overall, a nice idea that could've been better executed.

Very good

Are you sure this is your first flash? It's very impressive for your first work! Well done!

is this finished?

Seems like a rushed job to me. What is that weird white place on top of the screen with some numbers on it that are cut off from the screen? That can't be intentional :P. Looks really ugly and unfinished.
What happens to the ice behind you? It looks pretty weird and bad imo. There are also sometimes gaps on the ice spawns, doesn't look good. Also what is the chance of a snowman to spawn? I saw them very rarely, but the trees could come like two in same cliff. The snowman also slows you down way too much.

I think you should play Canabalt a couple more times. You made a direct copy with different graphics except that you messed up some things, thus you made a bad copy. You didn't add anything new to the game nor did you remove anything. 'Bad copy' summaries this game.