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Laser Defence

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Laser Defence is a defence game that brings a new dimension into the Tower Defence genre. Build and strategize tower positions for maximum laser effects and protects the stars!

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Some things....

1. Please make a hotkey to place towers
2. if the star is too close to a defending laser it still gets hit by enemies

In short

The game is a good concept.

It does pose a challenge, the collision is nice, but I found a few things that should be addressed to increase the playability of the game.

#1: Hot key the towers. When you have to place 4+ nodes down, you are almost sure to lose some life unless you are quick with your nodes.

#2: I found that if the beam is too close to the star (out the outer edge) it will still remove life. I don't know if this is a bug or not. But that got me a few times.

If the tower placement is not so clunky or you are given more time before each encounter starts, then this game could take off.

Nice, but repetitive.

The concept is nice, and the game was clean and well-made. Unfortunately, there are not other things to help break the monotony of the game. It would be handy if the towers would automatically reset after every level, to better facilitate placing them. WHat if there were strong shots thet individually went through two lasers? or different kinds of lasers? A way to repair the star?

I think there is a lot more you could do a lot with this game!

Needs more challenge

The interface was clean, the music was neat, and the game units and towers were simple but fine. But the fun didn't last too long because you can protect your star as fast as you are able to put three towers. The game would improve if as any tower defense game, it would require the player to gain and improve his powers / abilities/ strategies (I don't know if that's well written) to defend his base gradually from all the enemy waves. If there's a level where your enemies need more than 1 laser to be destroyed, well, you need then to make those foes appear before.
That's it Expose3, good luck with your game and have a nice day.

Not bad.

It's pretty good the only thing it would need is a leader board.